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Profhilo er en populær behandling, der forynger huden – uden unaturlige produkter.

Profhilo adskiller sig fra filler og Skinbooster ved ikke at indholde et fyldstof. I stedet udfyldes huden ved at aktivere dine egne naturlige fyldstoffer.

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Sådan virker Profhilo

Profhilo consists of hyaluronic acid in its purest form. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that naturally exists in the body's connective tissue, but which gradually decreases with age, and therefore the skin becomes looser. Profhilo is injected into the area where you want to rejuvenate your skin. The treatment is carried out carefully with small stitches in such a way that your own production of collagen is activated and works bigger. The product is spread around the body so that an intense volume is not created in one specific place. And this gives a completely natural look.

Should I be consulted before the treatment with profhilo?

Før du bliver behandlet med Profhilo skal du konsulteres hos en af klinikkens sygeplejersker. Det er et lovkrav i Danmark, at konsultationen foregår mindst 2 dage før, vi foretager behandlingen. Reglen er til for at sikre, at du er sikker på, at du ønsker behandlingen, efter du er blevet informeret om resultat og eventuelle bivirkninger.




You will have small stitches on the treated area which can be seen for 12-24 hours after the treatment. Normally, you will be able to be out of trouble the day after the treatment, and you can therefore schedule appointments and work as usual.
However, swelling may occur in the first week after treatment, as some people draw fluid during the injection.
In other cases, bruising may occur after the injections if the needles have hit blood vessels under the skin. This will go away on its own after a week, as bruises usually do.

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When can I see the final result?

The treatment is carried out over 2 rounds. Since the process is completely natural for the body, it takes longer to achieve the final result than a filler treatment will. On the other hand, the result lasts longer.
After the first treatment, the collagen in your skin is activated, and some results start to appear after 4 weeks, when treatment number 2 is carried out. 4 weeks after the number 2 treatment (i.e. 8 weeks into the process) the final result can be seen.

The result varies from person to person as all bodies are different and react differently. It is therefore not possible to guarantee a specific shelf life. The younger your body is, the more resilient it is. And therefore the result lasts longer the older you get.
Results typically last for more than a year. We recommend that you have the treatment done once a year in order to maintain the optimal result at all times. Ler

Så længe varer resultatet

Resultatet varierer fra person til person, da alle kroppe er forskellige og reagerer forskelligt. Det er derfor ikke muligt at garantere en bestemt holdbarhedstid. Jo yngre din krop er, jo mere modstandsdygtig er den. Og derfor holder resultatet længere, jo ældre du bliver. Typisk holder resultat i mere end et år. Vi anbefaler, at du får foretaget behandlingen én gang om året for hele tiden at opretholde resultatet optimalt. Fantast
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